I have a lot of large corporate clients who I do search engine optimization for and a buzzword that I hear a lot these days in companies who deal with large amounts of data is managed file transfer solutions.  It relates to software that lets you transfer data and files securely over a network or the Internet.  The thing about Managed File Transfer is that it is a lot better than traditional FTP and is far more secure, as it remedies a lot of issues that are often complained about with classic FTP solutions.

Better Than Standard FTP

Managed File TransferWith managed file transfer solutions you will have far better secure transfers of data and a lot more control.  Most of the better MFTS solutions also come bundled up with better reporting aspects.  Because of that it’s possible to see if the file transferred successfully and to also login to view the statistics of the data transfer.

The Main Managed File Transfer Brands

There are many different managed file transfer solutions on the market right now, some better than others, some more secure, and some just more affordable.  The leading names in the industry are brands such as Axway, FileWeave, GlobalScape, Ipswitch, JSCAPE, and a few others.  In the United Kingdom most of these software companies have their managed file transfer software sold by third parties.  A company that I would whole-heartedly recommend for this would be Pro2Col who are experts in managed file transfer solutions.  You can find out more about them and how they work on that link and also see a video about it below.

Different Installation Scenarios

Generally speaking, all MFT software can be installed under a couple of different scenarios.  For example, you can buy a standard license that lets you install the software on your company hardware.  You can also purchase enterprise editions.  It really depends on the requirements of your business, how much data you want to transfer, and how the software integrates with your existing platforms, set-up, and customers.

There Are Some Draw Backs

It’s not all good news though, so don’t think that managed file transfer software is the bee’s knees… because as with any form of software it does have its limitations.  For example, it can be hard to adapt the software to a wide range of businesses – some might not be set-up correctly in order to use it that well.  Plus, some users say that it’s not as scalable as it could be.  If a business grows, can the MFTS grow with them? Not always.

Search engine optimization, also called SEO is necessary to get your website on the 1st page of Google. Being on the first page is a great way to get new visitors and potential customers. If you are not on the first page then you are probably getting zero traffic so it’s vital to have a good ranking. Some businesses have had a significant growth due to their ranking on the search engines. For most local search terms there are about 200 to 1000 people searching for a specific term. If all these people see your website then you will have an increase in sales. In some businesses 1 sale is worth a significant amount of money such as the case with lawyers. Being the number 1 website on Google for a specific search term is like having the perfect location for your store where the streets are filled with customers who are specifically looking for the services you offer.

Getting an SEO Sales Boost

SEO Sales Boost is a company in South Africa that helps businesses in South Africa to increase their sales through website optimization for local Google searches. The have a results based approach so your risk is significantly reduced. They know how to get your website ranking well on Google. For more information you can visit their website at www.seosalesboost.co.za or contact them through their SEO Linkedin profile

SEO Sales Boost will find the best keywords for your business and then analyse and optimize your business website so that it has what Google loves.

Need Convincing?

Do this simple exercise;

  • Get a list of the search traffic from the Google Adwords Tool. ( Example : “lawyers in Sydney” gets 500 searches per month).
  • Divide that number by 100 to get a 1% conversion rate (Assuming that 1 in 100 will convert to a sale. This number depends on your market. It could be as high as 10% or even 30%)
  • Work out your average revenue per customer (Example : $1000)
  • Multiply the average revenue by the number of conversions
  • In this case it will be 5 sales at $1000 = $5000 potential sales

Work out your potential sales if you can get traffic from the Google search engines. This number will convince you of the power of ranking your website.

One of our most recent clients is an IT Support company in London, United Kingdom.  They recently asked Virtual SEO Consultants to re-vamp their website for some much needed search engine optimisation benefits.  We gladly took on the job and started looking at a number of different areas of the website in order to improve the Google rankings.  Please read the following report to see what we did for IT Support London HQ and the results that we gained by just making some small tweaks and changes to their website.

Grouping the IT Support London Keywords

First thing we did was look at the target keywords for IT Support London, and those that come in a longer-tail basis.  After getting a master list of keywords defined with the client, we grouped them into different section, which seemed to make sense.  For example if you now look at the website you will see that the keywords have been grouped onto the relevant pages.  The homepage of course, contains all of the keywords surrounding the IT Support London term, but then there are sub-pages such as;

  • Remote IT Support London
  • Small Business IT Support in London
  • PC and Computer Support in London
  • IT Outsourcing in London

You can see how we integrated these into the main top navigation of the website on the screen shot below:

Website Homepage

Content Changes to the IT Support London HQ Home Page

Looking at the Content for SEO

So these are the new main pages on the website, and then we set about looking at how the content was structured.  Main tasks included optimising the main keywords to appear in some form within the H1, and 2 tags.  We also then looked at the pages to see how we could keep keyword density to below 1% for the main London IT Support keywords as we didn’t want the website to become over-optimised for the target searches and keywords – something that is very important with SEO in 2014 due to the latest Penguin and Panda algorithm updates.

Updated Images with Keyword Tags

We also looked for opportunities to include images that had relevant file names and ALT tags attributed to them.  Being able to include the IT Support London keywords in these sections were very important to us as we felt it would give the website a small boost in the rankings – even just by one or two places.

The SEO Results for IT Support London HQ

You can see from this screen grab how the website rankings improved after we made these small tweaks to the website – the rankings below are for the main “IT Support London” keyword – as you can see the website jumped up seven positions in just a number of days after we completed the on-site SEO optimisation tasks for the company.

Google Rankings Image

Google Rankings Improved for IT Support London HQ After Small Content Tweaks

Please note that we use the excellent Pro Rank Tracker service which lets users track rankings for all the major search engines like Google, Bing,and Yahoo. Whilst it is a cheap solution, there are others on the market – read this excellent article on the SEO Book website which goes into lots more detail on the different SEO keyword rank tracker services on offer.

In addition to these content changes we also helped the client to set-up different social media accounts and channels to help bring in additional traffic and sales channels.  The main accounts we set up for IT Support London HQ were YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.  Once the channels were set up we supplied the client with a social media “cheat sheet” giving them best practice guidance on how to use them to the best degree in order to drive additional traffic – and hopefully customers!

We Can Help Your Company With SEO

If you would like to see similar results for your company or business website then please talk to us via the employ us page where we will have details on how to get in touch with us on Odesk and Elance in the coming weeks – we can then give you a proposal for an SEO project and hopefully get similar results to the IT Support London HQ project that you saw in the screenshots above.  We have helped many companies already in London, and one of our SEO consultants has done some extensive work with the Greater London Authority website – so has some excellent credentials when it comes to local SEO in the London area.

Search engine optimization is a natural tool for every firm, person or business that you can use to generate income. The ranking offered by organic search are entirely free, unlike the classical advertising media. Once a page has made it to the top of the listing, the web page generates traffic while giving optimal exposure in a mass global market; you don’t need to pay for this. However, the web site needs investment of time and resources to achieve these ends. You don’t need paid advertisement for the click; your content encompasses all that is required. Having efficient analyzing and reporting tools, your traffic increases rapidly while sales triple in a few days.

Through credible search engines such as Google, your products or services achieve credibility as most visitors have a goodwill perception with these sites. Thus, your reputation and credibility is perfected by an established search engine for you; this creates a stepping stone towards online prosperity. Top ranking serves to nourish a positive publicity and appearance of the business. Note that most web visitors hate inviting ads and may even have blockers to remove them from their final search results. It is also a feasible investment when contrasted with classical advertising media. This is because of the higher probability of conversion of the visitors to purchasers. You are able to get your prospects free of charge while retaining regular consumers. This cannot be compared to an online advertising that emanates from anyone.

SEO Image

Amidst fierce online competition, a business will require SEO expertise to maximize top ranking. If you let your competitors access the tools before your business, they will establish custom and credibility, and this will tilt the scales against you. However, you can always avoid this outcome by seeking search online optimization services from numerous web designing and content creation experts available in the internet. They will deal with the technical experts of maximizing your top ranking. Subsequently, an increase in traffic for your site expands and grows your venture; you can step to the next level and increase the sales turnover without wasting much money on advertisements.

In addition, there are numerous web pages online today; this makes the top listing of a web page an uphill task. Nevertheless, a new website can make its name by using expertise and specialist services that will enhance your search engine optimization tactics. With millions of websites launching, your page without consulting the relevant technicians may cost you a lot and yield frustration. If you can get your page to the top ten, you have the benefit of getting clicks as most of them land with these web pages. Nonetheless, this will not be achieved easily and quickly as one may presume. You have to get the appropriate services on SEO to make it to the top.

Through SEO, the business gets access to critical data online that revolves around their products. You can spy the web pages of your closest competitors to ascertain where they are and use the information to your advantage. If you note any shortcomings on the quality of your products, you can improve to make it more competitive before you can offer it online. Generating improved and higher quality brands is the best way to stay ahead of your rivals if you want your search engine optimization to yield positive results.

This is a contribution post from the Expert SEO Bournemouth Company and does not necessarily reflect my own personal views.

Using an SEO agency can yield many benefits, of which some might have never crossed your mind. There are many advantages that come when you use the talents of an SEO company.  Here are the most time-saving and cost-effective advantages you’ll experience when hiring a company to do your search engine optimisation tasks.

SEO Does Not Always Need to Be Expensive

It doesn’t have to be expensive either, and the results can come in at quite a low cost.  By having an SEO strategy in place, you can make sure that your website has better search engine rankings and appears nearer the top of web searches organically.  This is a far more cost-effective way when compared to other methods such as paying for clicks on Google AdWords.

An SEO Agency Logo

Using an SEO Agency does not need to be expensive say Expert SEO Bournemouth.

Use a Reputable SEO Agency and Company

For example, a well-written page by an SEO agency will do all of the work for you – providing it has a good back-link profile and the on-page SEO elements have been addressed correctly.  If you do this then you might not need to sign-up for pay-per-click banners to increase your website traffic and you won’t be saddled with large advertising bills.

Users Trust the Google Search Engine Rankings

As well as at, within the web search listing, people tend to trust the results that Google the higher they are up the rankings.  By using SEO strategies, your site will get closer and closer to the top of the generated search results. The lower you are in these rankings, the less likely you’ll get much traffic or even be taken seriously as a business that someone would want to do business with.

Monitor the Competition

When it comes to your competition, if they have better search engine rankings than you then it is very likely that they’ve employed an SEO agency to optimise their websites for them. The use of an SEO company is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s business world.

Keep the SEO Work Going and Maintained

In most cases, the results from hiring an SEO company are permanent. The benefits don’t stop simply because you’re no longer paying for them. Once your search optimised content is published, and you have some high authority websites linking back to you, and a social media presence, then the benefits will continue to pour in. There may be some maintenance and upkeep in the future to maintain your spot in the Google rankings, but it doesn’t cost much to have new and improved content to keep your customers coming back.  And it certainly doesn’t cost a dime to build relationships with other web masters in order to get some relevant links coming back to your website.

One of the Best Decisions You Will Ever Make

Hiring an SEO company should be one of the best decisions you can make.  By utilising well-written, professional SEO content, you should attract more visitors.  Additionally, by having a good off-page SEO strategy as well then you should see your website rising up through Google for the keywords that matter to you and your business.

Expert SEO Bournemouth also asked if I could feature their YouTube video about their Bournemouth SEO company  – more than happy to and you can watch it here: