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Take 5 Minutes to Improve Your Business Presence

Giving your business the needed boost by improving your online presence is definitely a must if you want your business to be successful. While SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a relatively new concept, there are other areas that can greatly help. Reputation Management and Social Media Engagement are two of the simple ways where you can improve your online presence and earn huge customer base.

Reputation Management

Customers often patronize the products and services of companies that are trustworthy and with good reputation. Of course, they don’t want to be associated with a brand that has a questionable reputation. That’s why it is important for every company to manage its reputation not only to maintain its stature and rank in the industry where it belongs but also to keep hold of its huge customer base. Clients may decide to jump to another company if the reputation of their preferred brand is already tarnished.

Online reputation management is basically the process of controlling what shows up when people search for businesses or even names in the Internet. Most often, people use Google, the top search engine, in making searches in the Internet.

If the process of reputation management is done correctly, only positive and relevant contents will show up in the search engine results.

Managing the reputation of your business starts by diagnosing your ranking in search engines and to know your over-all online reputation. This is to determine if you have a problem and if there is, how bad the problem is.

One way to do this is by searching your company in search engines like Google. Make sure to type in the search bar the same name of your company that you submitted to different business directories. If you have given the same name, chances are, more sites will come out in the search results.

After viewing the search results, evaluate under which category your rank and overall online reputation falls. Just use the first page of the search results since at least 93% of people who search the internet never go to the second and consequent pages. The categories are:

  1. Negative
  2. Irrelevant
  3. Positive and Relevant.

Negative is the worst category, which simply means your business have one or more negative search results. A client who was not satisfied with your products or services may have posted negative comments on your website or in his/her social media account, or a former employee who didn’t like your management style may have written a bad comment. Even just a small rant or status update can affect your online reputation.

Irrelevant means the search results are all about your business but are completely outdated or irrelevant and in any way won’t help boost your company’s image.
Positive and Relevant means the search results are positive and have well-branded contents that can boost the image of your company. If you get negative and irrelevant search results, you need to do something to turn these into positive and relevant. The goal is to fill the first page of the search results with many positive things about your company.

If the search results show a client has written a negative comment about your company, find the client and politely ask that the comment be removed. Explain thoroughly the reasons why. If the client won’t remove the comment, tell him/her that the content is defamatory and you will take legal actions if he/she will not remove it. You can also submit a complaint to the search engine, say to Google. The search engine will remove the content if it is defamatory or contains any information about your company that you considered private and will have a bad impact on your operation.

If the bad comment is posted in a website, you can work to have the website removed. Check out the company that host the website and browse through its Terms of Service Agreement. If you find that the comment is in violation of the agreement, then file a formal complaint to the company.  However, if the above options won’t work, bury the negative results down to the last pages of the search results. You can do this by putting more positive contents in your website, posting attractive photos or videos, making a positive blog about your company, and constantly updating your company profile in business directories.

But one proven way to bury down negative results is to make sure that the content of your website and all other data that you submitted to business directories are search engine optimized.
Search engine optimization focuses more on applicable keywords and timely, specific contents that are relevant to the business and to the theme of the website.

Search engines also rank high those businesses that have links to other profiles or sites that are in the same industry. The ability to use Franchise SEO to enhance ranking can help complement these efforts. Choose those sites that give you the option to link to other social media sites to increase your rank in the search results.

In Summary, the key to managing your online reputation is to use only positive contents, handling bad comments while still early, optimization of your website for it to be search engine friendly, and linking with as many business directories as possible. If you are looking for an expert in SEM or SEO for Franchise Owners, SplitCast Media is a great option.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is such a powerful network that it can help any business become successful.

Among the most common social media sites that most people join are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Tumblr and Pinterest are the other social media sites that most people are also actively engaged in. Search engines find it more credible and would tend to rank high social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ because people who join these sites more or less provide authentic information about themselves that’s why it would greatly help if your company has accounts in these social media sites.

These accounts must be constantly updated to make them extremely relevant. If possible, add new contents every day or once a week.

It is important that you use the same name in creating the accounts so that all these accounts will really show in search results.

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